Pesach Fasting/Prayer

We will be fasting this wk before Pesach (Passover). Please give us your prayer requests! BTW, we are VERY conscientious about privacy. Please send your requests by private msg.

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  1. Shayla Standefer:
    This ministry is led by my spiritual mom Jan. She has been a mighty woman of prayer in my life for several yrs now & there is no doubt that many of my breakthrus have come thru her humble ♥ b4 God, diligently AND sacrificially seeking His face on my behalf. Pls consider entrusting your prayer needs to her. God will honor ur combined faith. She has already received several praise reports.. And i have them wkly! lol. God bless u Jan for allowing God to change my life thru u. I Love u and i thank my God daily in remembrance of u.:)

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