About Global Glory®

Global Glory® exists solely to promote the glory of God throughout the whole earth. Our desire is to build the Kingdom of God in the earth, encourage and inspire pastors and all believers. Dynamic foundational teaching incorporates a Jewish perspective.

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We live holy uncompromised lives in private as well as public. Before I minister, my sons play violin and classical guitar; they also run all video/audio. Sometimes miracles take place while I preach. Afterward, I love to lay hands and pray for people’s needs. We also pray for people on a daily basis. Your info is never shared with anyone unless we ask. We NEVER charge any fee and we sometimes minister to smaller groups. We take it just as seriously as any larger audience.
We also make our CDs and DVDs available free to those who cannot afford a donation. They are always free to those in foreign countries and are sent in unmarked envelopes for security.

Ministry, Travel; I love ministering & praying for people.
Our passion is to promote the Glory of the Lord: to bring The Light and healing to darkened souls; to encourage believers to minister in their Spirit-led capacity, support their pastors, and build the Kingdom of God in the earth.
The Spirit-led teaching incorporates a Jewish perspective.

We go where we are invited, (Lord permitting).



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